What is a Reverse Food Truck?

What is a Reverse Food Truck?

We don’t make food we take food.

1 in 5 people in Sacramento County is living in poverty–1 in 4 are children. Children living in poverty are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses, like diabetes, more likely to need to be hospitalized for their illnesses, less likely to finish high school, and less likely to be successful adults. Children living in poverty often experience food insecurity (not having enough food to eat or worrying that they may run out of food by the end of the month). Hungry children cannot learn in school and are more likely to continue the cycle of poverty if they cannot become successful adults. Hungry parents experience more stress, chronic illness, and mental health struggles. Hungry parents are also less able to be nurturing parents to our future generations.

Our local food banks estimate that there is a deficit of 15,000lb of fresh produce each month for our community. That is about the weight of one food truck. This is where the Sacramento Reverse Food Truck comes in. Our truck strives to bridge this gap by receiving donations of fresh produce at local farmers’ market events or monetary donations at other events (festivals, food truck events, etc).

How? We will bring our food truck to the local farmers’ market to collect donations. We will encourage market customers to buy extra from the farmers to donate. At the end of the market if farmers would like to donate any produce that they do not want to take back to their farms we will gladly accept. Our goal is to collect produce by encouraging market patrons to buy MORE from the farmers.

At non-farmers’ market events we will accept non-perishables or tax-deductable donations. These monetary, tax-deductable donations will go to supporting the running and maintenance of the truck and any profits will go to addressing hunger in our community. We are a REVERSE food truck meaning we don’t sell food, we take food donations (and monetary donations to fight hunger).

The Sacramento Reverse Food Truck wants to put hunger in the rearview.