Buying The Truck

Buying The Truck

Several weeks ago we decided to go on a full-fledged hunt for a truck.  We came across one in San Jose,  CA that seemed like it might just what the doctor ordered.  The trouble was whether or not to drive to San Jose to check out a truck that may or may not be worth buying.  This is where Dr. Julie Graham-Lunn came to the rescue. Julie is Zoey’s college roommate, has a doctorate in psychology, and lives in Los Altos (close to San Jose).  With no experience in food trucks, Julie was of course the perfect person to check out the truck!  Julie graciously agreed and together with her friend Karen arranged for an inspection.

Their report was perfect and began as follows:  “The following data was collected by two unlicensed, uninsured food truck inspectors for your review….”

They went on to detail every aspect of the truck from how and where it was parked to measurements, stats, and assessments of the truck and of the sellers.  Apparently the sellers were living in this truck and were selling to upgrade to a slightly larger, “smaller” living space.  Check out this site on small living – yes those are solar panels in the front window.

While Julie and Karen were checking out the truck, we met Roel Olivares.

Roel built and ran his own food truck (Roel Olivares story) has been consulting on others’ trucks, runs Sacmob (a local association of mobile food vendors), and a business building and consulting on food trucks.  Roel graciously agreed to make the trek to San Jose to give a second opinion (and no offense to Julie and Karen – and opinion from someone who actually knows about food trucks).  Roel called from San Jose to tell us to grab this truck!

After a long weekend of thought, a fantastic plan from Roel, offers from many folks to pick up the truck for us, we decided to pick up the truck ourselves on Friday the 13th!  We first had to stop in Davis to pick up the check from Kris Calvin (AAP CA CEO and AAP CA Foundation President)

After a brief “tour”, instructions, and paperwork transfer we were on our way in what will be Sacramento’s Reverse Food Truck! I had to see how it felt to be in the driver’s seat.

Richard had the honor of driving it home.  Thankfully a warm but not hot day as he said he almost melted from the heat of the engine.

I suspect the Ghirardelli outlet stop helped cool him down.

When we arrived home another surprise had been delivered. The folks at CustomInk spent a crazy amount of time with Zoey trying to make our first shirt perfect. They look great.  Linda Lautenberg (first donor), Julie and Karen (our truck inspectors), Sarah and Samantha (our mitvah mavens), will get them first.  We’ll have them up for sale ($25/shirt) – Large donors will get one for free.

Now safe and sound in Sacramento, the food truck awaits Roel’s magic touch.